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PlugBear is the easiest way to use custom GPT in your everyday tools.
Enhance your team's productivity with seamless AI assistance.

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Experience Seamless AI Integration and Unmatched Efficiency
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Automate routine tasks and free up your team for higher-value work. Impress your clients with rapid, accurate responses.
Bring Your AI Ideas for Work to Life
Deploy AI assistants designed for your workflow without engineering support. Get started in just one day.
Your AI, Only for Your Teams
Tailor AI to meet your team’s specific needs. Seamlessly integrate AI into your existing workflows.
OpenAI Assistants

No-code AI Connector

Create specialized AI in an hour, no coding required

Effortlessly craft your AI with models like OpenAI and Claude, tailored with your data and integrated actions like web browsing or API integration. All it takes is a few clicks.

OpenAI Assistants

No-code Channel Connector

Access your AI from any platform

Get the benefit most out of your AI by connecting it to your favorite work tools. Design workflow and provide best user experiences with just a few clicks.

Hear from our Customers

Really satisfied with PlugBear—its seamless Slack integration for our tasks and documentation has boosted our team's efficiency and met our specific needs perfectly.

Anthony Pitassi

at Merchant Centric

PlugBear simplifies integrating Assistants and seamlessly connects webhooks/APIs to Teams, eliminating no-code challenges.

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Julien Lopato

at PeakAce

It’s saved us a lot of time. Before, we had people scouring the Slack channels for answers. Now they can just ask these questions directly to the docs and get the answers they need without human intervention.

Todd Heckmann

at LaserAway

PlugBear has made it very accessible to play around with OpenAI without needing a developer’s help. The ease of use and quick integration with platforms like Slack have been invaluable.

Tej Tandon

at Copilot AI

PlugBear worked seamlessly and was very easy to use, helping our TAs create custom AI assistants for each course.

Ruddy Simonpour

at the University of San Diego

Discovering PlugBear was a life saver for our project. It enabled us to swiftly integrate our AI assistant with Slack, enhancing team collaboration and speeding up our testing process.

James Everest

at Flock

Launch Your AI Effortlessly, Connect Everywhere
Forget the hassle of integration. Boost teams with instant AI.

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