New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Discord integration support & more

PlugBear - Connect GPTs/Assistant to Slack and Discord | Product Hunt

PlugBear was launched on Product Hunt last Thursday and achieved #5 Dev Tool of the Week! 🎉 We sincerely appreciate your support and are thrilled to share our values with you.

Discord integration

New Discord Integration

Responding to numerous requests, PlugBear now offers integration with Discord. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations, especially open-source projects, allowing them to incorporate LLM apps into their community. We are excited to support the open-source community through this integration!

#channel selection

You now have the option to select specific channels on Slack and Discord for your LLM app. This flexibility facilitates the use of various apps within a single organization. For instance, you can assign an onboarding Q&A chatbot to the #people-team channel while a data catalog bot operates in the #data-team channel.

We hope you enjoy the versatility of using multiple LLM apps in your workspace 😄