New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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LangServe integration, Function Calling support in Discord & more

LangServe Integration

LangServe Integration

LangServe integration is now available on PlugBear. You can seamlessly connect your LangChain app, served by LangServe, to PlugBear, unlocking a host of new capabilities.

Discover more about this integration in our guide: Integrate Your Custom LangChain Apps with Slack through PlugBear.

Enhanced Slack Thread Context

PlugBear has improved its context awareness within Slack. It now tracks the entire conversation threads — not just the messages that directly mention PlugBear. This results in more relevant and coherent follow-up responses in ongoing discussions.

Other Changes

  • Discord integration now supports the calling of API functions, a feature previously exclusive to Slack.
  • We've resolved an issue with listing channels in Slack workspaces that have a large number of channels.