New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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The Official Launch of PlugBear 🎉

Happy New Year, PlugBear users! We are excited to announce the official launch of PlugBear!

PlugBear Docs

We have published a product documentation site that provides a usage guide and introduces use cases. Please refer to the documentation at

PlugBear Docs

Auto App Selection

Auto App Selection

Managing multiple apps and their Slack channels can be cumbersome. With the Auto App Selection option, you no longer need to assign specific channels to an app to avoid receiving multiple answers. Turn on this option and get the most relevant app's answer.

Retrying on Rate Limit

Retry on Rate Limit

We have seen you encountered error messages caused by OpenAI's rate limit. To address this, we will handle queueing and retrying requests automatically.


The PlugBear team has extensively discussed and decided on the best values and pricing options for our users. Today, we are finally publishing our pricing model, which will allow us to deliver more features and value continually.

You can find the supported features and pricing details on the Pricing page.

Early-Bird Discount 🎁

To show our appreciation for your support, we are offering a 50% discount until the end of January 2024. Claim your discount by upgrading your plan on the Billing page.

We cannot express our gratitude and love to you enough. We promise to continue delivering even more value to you.