New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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OpenAI GPTs Integration, Private Channel Support, and More 🎉

PlugBear now supports OpenAI GPTs conversion, listing apps in channels, and connecting LLM apps to private Slack channels.

OpenAI GPTs Integration

Import GPTs

We have launched a new feature that allows users to import OpenAI GPTs and convert them into OpenAI Assistants. This enhances PlugBear's functionality by enabling integration with the latest OpenAI GPTs.

Private Channel Support

In response to user requests, PlugBear has expanded its capabilities to include support for private Slack channels. You can now connect your preferred LLM app to private channels, ensuring that sensitive conversations remain exclusive while still benefitting from PlugBear's chat-based tool integration.

Listing Connected Apps

Listing Connected Apps

Users can now easily manage their apps connected to channels on Slack with the new /plugbear list apps command. This command provides a quick overview of which apps are connected to which channels, streamlining channel app management.

Use Case: Thread Summarizer

Thread Summarizer

Have you ever felt tired of reading a long thread? Let AI summarize the conversation for you. You can build a bot for Slack in just 5 minutes by following this guide: Building a Bot for Summarizing Threads.