New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Enhanced Slack Slash Command & Focus on Security

Slash Command to call your app

Slash Command Ask

Elevate your Slack experience! The new slash command /plugbear ask YOUR QUESTION simplifies interactions with the LLM app—making it fast, straightforward, and efficient.

Commitment to Security

Our dedication to robust security is unwavering. Currently undergoing SOC2 Type 2 compliance auditing, we are committed to ensuring that our security infrastructure adheres to the highest industry standards.

Chat System Enhancements

We have upgraded our messaging system to provide a more efficient handling of chat requests. While we acknowledge that some users may have experienced temporary delays, we are dedicated to continuously improving the system for a seamless experience. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

Upcoming Microsoft Teams Integration

Exciting news! The integration with Microsoft Teams is on the horizon. Our application is in the review process, and we are anticipating approval shortly.

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