New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Better User Experience, Q&A Bot Guide, and More

Loading Indicators

Loading Indicators

PlugBear now sends a status message right after accepting your requests. This update provides continuous status updates to keep you informed about the operational status of the app or any retry efforts.

Editing Connections

Finally, you can now edit connections! We have made connections editable before adding more controls. Enjoy the ability to create and edit connections between channels and LLM apps.

Use Case: A Q&A Bot (Using Notion)

Q&A Bot Example

We have outlined the process of creating your Q&A bot using Notion pages. Additionally, you can create and import the Q&A bot using OpenAI GPTs. Take a look at the Building a Q&A Bot guide to build custom Q&A bots tailored to your specific requirements.

More Upcoming Channels

Microsoft Teams integration is coming soon! (We are waiting for Microsoft's review.)

In addition, we are prioritizing services to support integration. Please take a moment to complete our 1-minute survey to help us prioritize the most critical services for shipping!