New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Thread Auto-Reply and Enhanced Reliability

Today, we're thrilled to unveil the first in our series of advanced chat triggers. With these new features, we aim to empower you to create even more innovative and efficient workflows.

Thread Auto-Reply

Introducing the Thread Auto-Reply trigger, designed to streamline your conversational experience effortlessly. Engage with your selected LLM App in a thread as you would with ChatGPT, without needing to mention @PlugBear. This feature can be set per app connection, paving the way for smoother interactions.

Thread Auto-Reply

Stay tuned for upcoming automatic trigger conditions, including emoji (😄) reaction triggers and responses triggered by predefined criteria such as keywords or user mentions.

Other changes

We've resolved an issue where chats could intermittently become unresponsive due to connectivity problems between PlugBear and the OpenAI Assistants API, which sometimes led to hangs in the request. This fix significantly enhances the reliability of chat responses.

Upcoming Use Cases

We are developing features to support more use cases, including:

  • Automatic Translator: It will translate every message in a channel into other languages.
  • Daily Digest: It will summarize daily updates made the day before.

...and more! Stay tuned.