New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Trigger by Emoji and More

Support Conditional Trigger by Emoji 🐥 #slack

Looking for a simpler way to interact with PlugBear? Say hello to our emoji-trigger! 🎉 Now, with just an emoji, you can invoke PlugBear to respond to individual messages within your conversations. This means that PlugBear will act based on the specific message you've marked with an emoji. Here's a simple use case where a customer support agent swiftly gets assistance on a customer query with a simple emoji.

Trigger by Emoji Sample

Other Changes

  • Enhanced Messaging for Slack: We’ve improved how long messages are handled in Slack. Now, if a message from LLM is too lengthy, you'll see a "See more" button to expand the content fully. No more cut-offs!
  • Slack Attachment Handling: With the recent introduction of thread-level file upload and knowledge retrieval, we've now stabilized file handling and ironed out the edge cases. It’s still early days for this feature, so we welcome all your feedback to make it even better.

Update on Microsoft Teams Integration

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the integration with Microsoft Teams. We appreciate your patience! We’re working closely with Microsoft and just waiting on the final nod from them, so stay tuned!