New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Call External API Using OpenAPI, and More

This week, we're thrilled to introduce significant updates to PlugBear, enhancing your experience with new features and improved functionalities. Here's what's new:

Call External API From OpenAI Assistant, Using Open API

External API From OpenAI Assistant We've enhanced our OpenAI Assistants app to support OpenAPI, a significant improvement that simplifies and strengthens the process of connecting OpenAI Assistants with external APIs. It enables your Assistants to interact more effectively with the external world.

For instance, you can extract information from user queries and save them into Airtable, activate Zapier Actions for extended functionalities, and more! The range of possibilities is now even wider.

Our integration guide provides detailed setup instructions. Stay tuned for our upcoming guide on specific use cases.

OpenAI Assistants Request History

Nobody likes seeing "Oops" messages, especially when figuring out why they're happening is challenging. We're excited to tell you that you can now see your OpenAI Assistants' past requests on the connections page. Just click on a connection on the Connections page or use the link in the error message to see the information. OpenAI Assistants Request History

Connection Preferences

Customize your connection preferences to suit your needs! For instance, you can opt to receive generated answers through an ephemeral message that only you can see. Additionally, you can choose to use a single message under a thread to prevent interference or optimize costs. You can find these preferences on your connection page. More options are coming soon, so stay tuned! Connection Preferences