New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Support Claude 3, and More

Beta Support for Anthropic Claude 3

Claude The early March release of Claude 3 was significant, and many customers have expressed interest in trying it. Now, you can head over to PlugBear and create your Claude 3 app to start testing right away.

While the Opus model is the most sophisticated model, be mindful of its higher cost. Currently, PlugBear’s integration with Claude 3 is focused on text generation(with vision support planned for the future). We invite everyone interested in Claude 3 to dive in, experiment, and please share your feedback with us.

Use cases

Customizable Customer Support AI Agent

Generative AI is changing the game for customer support, offering immediate access to a company's internal knowledge base. Imagine AI assistants that summarize inquiries, draft suggested answers, possess the knowledge to resolve issues, and offer much more!

Do you want your AI living in Zendesk or HubSpot? Check this blog post for more details.

Custom AI for Customer Research

Are you looking to quickly research and qualify your leads? With PlugBear, you can build an AI to do just that. Enable your LLM applications to automatically share summaries of customer interactions—whether they're signing up for your service or asking questions through HubSpot. Click here to discover more.

Other Changes

  • Enhanced MS Teams Integration: Addressing user feedback, we've streamlined the integration process with MS Teams to reduce potential difficulties.
  • Option to Exclude PlugBear Links in Error Messages: This update eliminates PlugBear-directed error description links, optimizing the experience for users handling customer interactions via PlugBear.