New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Introducing Streaming Answers

Streaming Answers

Great news! 🎉 If you're using OpenAI Assistants, you no longer have to wait until the entire answer is generated. PlugBear now streams the answers, allowing you to view them as they're being generated.

Enjoy your quicker AI responses!

Use Cases

Daily News Summarizer

Create a personalized bot that summarizes daily news on your chosen topics, delivering concise and relevant updates directly to your communication channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Check our blog post to learn more!

Answering Questions Before You Do

You can create a bot for Slack that can answer questions on your behalf. People can still ask questions the same way they always have – by mentioning you or your team.

By allowing a bot to handle routine questions, your team members can focus on the important work that truly matters, enabling you to achieve more.