New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Custom Message Templates, and More!

Custom message template

Introducing Custom Message Templates!
Want to enhance the context of your messages sent to LLM? We've got you covered with our latest feature. Now, you can specify who sent the message or which thread you're addressing. Simply head to the Connection Edit page and navigate to the Preferences tab to create your personalized message template. Tailor your messages to your liking and make every interaction count! Here is an example: Type like this. Then ask, "Tell me my user id," and you'll receive your user ID!

Simplifying LLM App Creation

This week, We've made enhancements to streamline the creation of LLM Apps. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Ready-to-Use Templates: To help you get started immediately, we've introduced a range of pre-built templates. These templates are designed to cover various common use cases, enabling you to quickly deploy customized AI solutions without starting from scratch.
  • Simplified App Form: We've redesigned the App creation form, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.