New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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Support Assistants API V2, and More

OpenAI Assistants v2 Support

OpenAI Assistants in PlugBear now operate on v2. All existing LLM apps based on Assistants v1 have been automatically upgraded to v2. The new version allows you to upload up to 10,000 files, in contrast to the previous limit of 20, providing your assistants with more context. Be aware that your OpenAI bill will be charged based on the size of the uploaded files at a rate of $0.10/GB/day.

Annotation Support in Slack

Our latest update introduces annotation capabilities for responses generated by the LLM App within Slack. This promotes transparency by allowing users to easily reference and verify the original source or document related to the app's responses.

Use Case Spotlight: Building Your SQL Assistant

Imagine having an AI at your fingertips that crafts SQL queries based on your specific database schema. This SQL Assistant not only generates the queries for analyzing your data but collaborates with you to refine and perfect them, making your analytics tasks more efficient and effective. Interested in creating your own SQL Assistant? Dive deeper here!

Other Changes

  • When you add the PlugBear bot to a channel you will receive a helpful welcome message guiding your next steps.
  • Bug fix: Resolved ephemeral response setting issue for Slack connection