New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

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OpenAI Assistant Controls, Legacy Slack Bots, and More

This week, we mainly focused on overall feature stabilization, including improvements to Google Drive sync, GPT import, and Slack responses. A big thank you to all our customers who have reported issues and patiently borne with us during this process.

More Controls Over OpenAI Assistants

You can now control the maximum completion and prompt tokens to manage token usage, which affects your OpenAI costs. Adjusting the maximum prompt tokens helps control the context window of your assistant. For longer threads, limiting the maximum prompt tokens will help save costs by truncating the context for more recent messages, though it may miss some of the oldest contexts.

You can also control your assistant’s temperature or top_p values to manage the consistency and randomness of the output. You can update these settings in the LLM App.

OpenAI Assistant Controls

Support for Slack Trigger Based on Legacy Slack Bots

We noticed our ‘Auto-Trigger by User or Bot’ feature couldn’t be set up with some legacy Slack apps, preventing you from setting up triggers on those apps. We added an alternative way to integrate, and you will be able to find the “Legacy Bot” tab in the trigger setup.

Other Changes

  • We made the gpt-4o model the default suggestion, as it outperforms other models with faster generation and is half the cost. We encourage migrating to gpt-4o if you’re using gpt-4 or gpt-4-turbo.
  • Google Drive Sync: Added support for Google Slide files and stabilized periodic synchronization.
  • OpenAI Assistants: Fixed intermittent generation failure when annotations are created.
  • Integration for Slack: Fixed a bug with ephemeral responses.