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11 Practical AI Use Cases you can build in a day

Introduce 11 practical AI use cases using Custom AI without any coding

Joel LimJoel Lim

cover Since the launch of the Assistants API in OpenAI, creating AI with a knowledge base tailored to specific work contexts has become remarkably straightforward. Using the iPaaS(Integration Platform as a Service, i.e., PlugBear, Zapier, Make) solutions, anyone can easily integrate Custom AI into their workspace within a day.

This article delves 11 practical use cases where Custom GPT can be integrated into your workspace to help you with your work, demonstrating just how impactful these cases can be for your work.

11 practical AI use cases you can build in a day

Operation & Human Resources

  1. Internal Q&A Bot: Immediately reduce the HR team's workload by automating the answers to frequent questions, allowing them to focus on more impactful tasks.
  2. Contract Review: Quickly scan and analyze contracts with AI, identifying key points and suggesting edits, thereby streamlining operations and legal workflows.
  3. Resume Review: Enhance your recruitment process with AI that efficiently filters candidates, ensuring you interview only the best fits.

Product & Engineering

  1. SQL Generation: Custom AI can write SQL queries based on the data catalog for requests made in natural language. This enables employees who are unfamiliar with SQL or have a limited understanding of internal systems to access the needed data easily.
  2. On-call Buddy: Support your engineering team with an AI assistant that provides instant troubleshooting solutions, improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

  1. Response Draft Generation: Achieve consistent and efficient customer communications with AI-generated response drafts, tailored to address common inquiries swiftly.
  2. Automated Knowledge Investigation: AI revolutionizes how customer inquiries are handled by performing preliminary research based on an extensive knowledge base. It significantly reduces the time customer service (CS) agents spend on responding to queries.
  3. Customer Sentiment Analysis: Use AI to monitor and analyze customer feedback across platforms, enabling quick responses to their concerns and boosting overall satisfaction.


  1. Customer Research: Leveraging AI for customer research now means you can quickly gather detailed information on inbound leads. This process allows sales teams to tailor their approach with precision, ensuring that interactions are both informed and effective, significantly enhancing the potential for conversion.
  2. Sales Copy Generation: Create compelling sales materials with AI, designed to resonate with your target audience and drive conversions.


  1. Content Generation: Produce engaging and original marketing content with the help of AI, capturing your audience's attention and fostering engagement.

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