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A Bot That Summarizes Daily News on Selected Topics

Create a bot collecting news on topics and summarizing them for you everyday.

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Staying informed about niche topics or industry news can be challenging with the overwhelming amount of information available. While news curation services exist, they often lack focus on specific subjects that matter to you or your business.

The solution? Create a personalized bot that summarizes daily news on your chosen topics, delivering concise and relevant updates directly to your communication channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

How It Works

You can get daily news about selected topics every morning. Receive the specialized news for you and your team in the format that works best for you.

Daily news bot

How to Create It

Here's how to do it in under an hour, without coding:

  1. Create an AI using OpenAI or Anthropic, without any coding.
  2. Connect it to your communication channel, such as Slack or Teams, using PlugBear.
  3. Schedule a message to call your AI.

With this custom news summarization bot, you'll save time and effort, staying informed about the topics that matter most without sifting through countless articles.

For more details, book a demo or check out our doc site.

Get Started

Streamline your news consumption, learn more, and achieve more with tailored summaries delivered straight to your team. Click below to explore options and begin your journey.

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