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Integrating a Branding Guide Assistant into Your Team

Streamline your creative process with a Branding Guide Assistant that ensures all your designs align with company branding guidelines.

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Have you ever wished for an automated way to ensure all your designs consistently adhere to your company's branding guidelines? With the Branding Guide Assistant, now you can. This AI-powered tool integrates into your workflow via PlugBear, providing instant feedback on your creative assets based on your specific branding rules.

Imagine uploading an image and getting instant feedback on whether it meets your branding standards. It's like having a virtual branding consultant available 24/7!

Branding Guide Example

How to Create Your Branding Guide Assistant

Creating a Branding Guide Assistant is straightforward and doesn't require any coding skills. Here's how you can set it up in just a few steps:

1. Prepare Your Branding Guidelines

Before anything else, you need to have a clear and detailed branding guideline document. This document should include all relevant information about your brand's visual identity, such as:

  • Logo usage (size, positioning, prohibited uses)
  • Color palette
  • Typography (fonts, sizes, and hierarchy)
  • Imagery (style, dos and don'ts)
  • Any other relevant visual elements

2. Create an Assistant using PlugBear

Once your branding guidelines are ready, head over to PlugBear and navigate to the "LLM Apps" page. Here, you can create your Branding Guide Assistant by simply clicking the "Create" button. When setting up your assistant, include your branding guidelines as part of the instructions so that the AI knows exactly what rules to follow.

Here's an example prompt you might use:

You are the Branding Guide Assistant responsible for reviewing image
submissions to ensure they comply with the specified branding guidelines.
Use the provided guidelines to analyze images and provide detailed
feedback on compliance and necessary adjustments.

Branding Guidelines:

- Logo must be positioned at the top right corner and should be exactly 50px in size.
- The primary color palette consists of #000000, #FFFFFF, and #FDB933.
- Typography must use 'Montserrat' for headings and 'Roboto' for text.
- Imagery should portray positivity and should not include any direct competitors.

3. Integrating the Assistant with Your Tools

PlugBear makes it simple to integrate your Branding Guide Assistant into the tools you already use, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or HubSpot. With a few clicks, you can connect the Assistant and start using it right away.

Branding Guide Example

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