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Building an Internal Chatbot into Slack in 5 minutes with GPTs

Learn how to build an internal chatbot for your team using generative AI. This guide will show you how to set up the chatbot in just 5 minutes.

Joel LimJoel Lim

Do you often find yourself caught up answering the same repetitive questions from employees? Whether it’s about company policies, procedures, or other routine matters, these inquiries can significantly drain your time and resources.

You can solve this problem by building an internal chatbot using generative AI. By integrating this chatbot into your Slack workspace, you can automate responses to frequent questions, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks. And thanks to OpenAI Assistants, setting up this intelligent chatbot is remarkably quick and straightforward.

In this blog post, I'll guide you through the steps to build and deploy an internal Slack chatbot using GPTs in just five minutes. Let’s enhance your team's efficiency and improve your workflow.

Internal Chatbot Example

How to Build Your Internal Chatbot

Creating a internal chatbot is straightforward and doesn't require any coding skills. Here's how you can set it up in just a few steps:

1. Create a Chatbot using PlugBear

In PlugBear, you can set up an custom AI assistant. Navigate to the "LLM Apps" page, and click the "Add app" button. Once you're on the app creation page, fill in the name and system prompt for your chatbot.

Here's an example prompt you might use:

  • You are a bot that provides accurate answers to user questions based on a knowledge base. When users pose questions, the bot searches its existing knowledge base to deliver accurate and trustworthy information. If a question pertains to information not present in the database, the bot will clearly state that it cannot provide that information.

After you complete the prompt, upload the knowledge base file so that the LLM App you prepared can reference it in your answer. For example, you can upload a PDF, txt, or other document that contains a guide to your company's benefits program, onboarding process, etc.


2. Integrating the Chatbot with Your Tools

Now, you can connect your Chatbot to your Slack workspace. Navigate to the Channels tab, activate Slack, and create a connection. You can easily integrate the Chatbot and start using it right away.

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