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Connecting OpenAI Assistant to Slack

Step-by-step guide to connect OpenAI Assistant to Slack. It can be done within 5 minutes using PlugBear.

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Follow this guide to connect your OpenAI Assistant to Slack. You can connect other channels like Microsoft Teams using the same steps.

Final result:

Step 1: Setup OpenAI API Key

You can skip this step if you already have an OpenAI API key.

Visit OpenAI API keys page and click Create new secret key button. Click Create secret key to create one and copy the created key.

OpenAI API keys

Step 2: Add your OpenAI Assistant

Return to PlugBear, visit LLM apps page and click the Add app button. Select OpenAI Assistants import option and paste your OpenAI Assistant API key.

app-form-1 app-form-2

Your OpenAI Assistants will be listed under Assistant combobox. Select one and click Create.

Step 3: Activate your Slack workspace

Visit Channels page and click the Connect button of Slack.

Channels Index

Step 4: Connect the OpenAI Assistant to Slack channel

Visit Connections page and click New Connection button.

New Connection

Choose your Slack workspace, select the app, and click Create.

Step 5: Enjoy your Assistant in Slack 🎉

Everything is set up! Now, open your Slack workspace and interact with @PlugBear, which will use your LLM app for responses.

Slack Example

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