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Converting Custom GPTs to Assistant

Step-by-step guide to converting OpenAI GPTs to Assistant.

Snow LeeSnow Lee

Follow this guide to convert your custom OpenAI GPTs to OpenAI Assistant. You need to introduce your GPTs to users using everyday tools like Slack.

This guide assumes that you have already created OpenAI GPTs. If not, please create one first.

Step 1: Open OpenAI GPTs edit page

Visit the GPTs Explore page, click your custom GPTs, and click the Configure tab.

GPTs configure tab

Step 2: Open OpenAI Assistant new page

Open a new browser tab, visit the Assistants page, and click the “Create” button on the top right.

Assitant create button

Step 3: Copy GPTs fields to Assistant

Copy the Name and Instructions from GPTs to the Assistant.

GPTs and Assitant

Step 4: Upload Knowledge files

If you have uploaded “Knowledge” files to GPTs, upload them to Assistant under the FILES tool. You should turn on the “Retrieval” menu.


Click the “Save” button to create the OpenAI Assistant.

Step 5: Convert GPTs Action to Assistant Function Calling

If you use GPTs Action to call a function, you need to convert it to Assistant Function Calling. Check How to Use API Function Calling Using OpenAI Assistant to learn how to do it.

All done

You have successfully converted your custom GPTs to OpenAI Assistant. You can now introduce your Assistant to users using everyday tools like Slack.

Continue reading the Connecting OpenAI Assistant to Slack guide to learn how to connect your Assistant to Slack.