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How to Add a Proofreading Assistant to Slack

Step-by-step guide to adding a bot for proofreading to your Slack workspace. No coding required.

Snow LeeSnow Lee

Follow this guide to create a simple bot for proofreading in your Slack workspace.

Expected output: Editor Bot result

Building the Bot for Proofreading

Assistant Form

  1. Visit OpenAI Assistant and click on the Create button.

  2. Enter a name for your assistant, e.g. Proofreading Bot.

  3. Add the following instruction to the Instructions section. You can adjust the instruction for your needs.

    It is tailored for proofreading business communications, with a specific focus on correcting grammar and enhancing the clarity and conciseness of the text. It meticulously identifies and suggests corrections for grammatical errors and refines sentences to make them more direct and to the point, suitable for professional business contexts. It explains its corrections to help users understand and learn from their mistakes, thereby improving their writing skills.

    While maintaining the formal tone required in business writing, it interacts in a casual and friendly manner, making the proofreading process more engaging and less intimidating. It avoids assumptions and asks for clarification on ambiguous text. Editor's feedback is constructive, focusing on making the business text more effective and professionally polished.

    The emphasis is on delivering clear, grammatically correct, and concise communication in business settings, ensuring that the users' messages are conveyed effectively and professionally.

  4. Click the Model combobox and select gpt-4-1106-preview.

  5. Click the Save button to create the assistant.

Testing the Bot

Test Button

  1. Click the Test button on the top-right corner to open playground.
  2. Type sentences and see how the bot responds.
  3. Adjust the prompt to your needs.

Assistant Playground

Adding the Bot to Slack

Check out the Connecting OpenAI Assistant to Slack to add your Assistant to your Slack workspace.

Enjoy your new bot for proofreading using Slack 🎉