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How Peak Ace Enhanced Efficiency with PlugBear’s Seamless Integration

Learn how Peak Ace, Europe’s leading search marketing company, improved efficiency and employee satisfaction by integrating AI bots with Microsoft Teams using PlugBear.

Liam HwangLiam Hwang


Peak Ace, Europe’s leading search marketing company, is dedicated to creating unique digital experiences through a comprehensive range of services. With offices in Paris, Nantes, Berlin, and Leipzig, and a team of over 170 specialists, Peak Ace delivers cutting-edge solutions in digital strategy, AI, SEO, paid and social search, display and video advertising, digital content and PR, digital analytics, and marketing automation. Serving over 200 clients worldwide, including renowned names like Airbnb, SFR, and France Télévisions, Peak Ace manages successful campaigns in over 25 languages, ensuring effective adaptation of digital strategies to different markets.

The Challenge

When Peak Ace faced the challenge of connecting an AI bot to a Microsoft Teams channel, they initially attempted to use a no-code solution. However, this approach proved complex and unsatisfactory, particularly because Microsoft Teams posed more challenges compared to more open platforms like Slack or Discord. They needed a solution to seamlessly integrate RAG models with specific data for each department—Media, SEO, and HR—utilizing OpenAI’s API services. Recognizing the need for a seamless and efficient integration, they turned to PlugBear.

Choosing PlugBear

Julien Lopato and his team at Peak Ace were impressed by PlugBear’s simple and intuitive UI and robust features. The integration of AI bots, including OpenAI’s Assistants, was completed in less than 30 minutes. PlugBear’s reliable connections with various LLMs were another key factor in their decision.

The UI and the features provided by PlugBear are really simple and intuitive. The integration of AI bots, such as OpenAI’s Assistants, was completed in less than 30 minutes. The connections between PlugBear and the different LLMs are also very simple and reliable.

Julien Lopato, Director of Automation at Peak AceJulien Lopato, Director of Automation at Peak Ace

Smooth Implementation

The implementation process with PlugBear was smooth and efficient. The system was up and running in a matter of minutes. They tested it with a few early adopters and put it into production after a week. Their primary goal was to connect RAG models with specific data for each department: Media, SEO, and HR, utilizing OpenAI’s API services. PlugBear’s support team provided the necessary assistance to ensure a successful integration with Microsoft Teams.

For more details on the MS Teams integration step, you can check out the documentation on MS Teams integration.

Impact on Business

Since implementing PlugBear, Peak Ace has seen significant improvements in efficiency and employee satisfaction.

It has had a significant impact: some departments have saved many hours on a weekly basis. Employees no longer disturb each other. It can answer complicated questions based on our data, so they don’t spend endless time searching for information on the web. The answers are fast, and everyone in the dedicated Teams channel can see them.

Julien Lopato, Director of Automation at Peak AceJulien Lopato, Director of Automation at Peak Ace

Specifically, the Media department, consisting of 28 people, has saved an estimated 4 hours weekly. The ability to quickly and accurately retrieve information has streamlined workflows and reduced the time employees spend searching for data.


PlugBear has proven to be an invaluable tool for Peak Ace, enabling them to focus on their core strengths while efficiently integrating AI solutions into their workflows. The seamless integration and reliable performance of PlugBear have not only improved internal efficiency but also set the stage for future growth and client satisfaction.

To learn more about how PlugBear can enhance your business operations, visit our website or contact us for a personalized consultation.