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AI Assistants for Customer Support

Create custom AI bots in Slack/Teams/HubSpot that assist your customer support teams.

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Generative AI is changing the game for customer support, offering immediate access to a company's internal knowledge base. Imagine AI assistants that summarize inquiries, draft suggested answers, possess the knowledge to resolve issues, and offer much more!

This post introduces you to creating your own AI bot and using it in your favorite tools, such as HubSpot, Zendesk, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Zendesk Customer Support

Building Your Custom AI Bot: A Quick Guide

  1. Create an AI that works for you using your favorite tools, such as OpenAI or Anthropic Claude. Don’t worry. PlugBear helps you create one in 10 minutes without any coding.
  2. Connect your AI assistant to tools like Slack or HubSpot via PlugBear's no-code integration.
  3. Let your AI comprehensively assist your team with customer support.

Check Q&A Bot Use Case Guide for more details.

By integrating custom AI bots into your customer support ecosystem, you not only enhance response efficiency but also significantly improve the accuracy and personalization of each customer interaction.

Dive into the future of customer support—deploy custom AI bots in your communication platforms and witness a transformative change in how customer queries are handled.

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