New updates and improvements to PlugBear.

Trigger by Bot or User, and More

Conditional Trigger by User or Bot 🤖 #slack

This new feature automatically triggers responses based on messages from specific users or bots within Slack. So, you can say goodbye to the hassle of repeatedly mentioning @PlugBear.

Use Cases

On-call Assistant: Set up an automatic trigger for the messages by an incident alert bot to propose initial response strategies when an outage alert is issued.

On-call Assistant Sample

CS Assistant: Configure triggers for customer service notification bots, such as Zendesk, to present response manuals to customer service representatives when a ticket is created.

How to Setup?

You can find the option under the "Triggers" section on the Connection editing page. Trigger Setting

Other Changes

  • UI Improvements: We've improved the Connection page more user-friendly and intuitive
  • Bug fix: Resolved a bug where unintended Connections were selected for keyword triggers.

Trigger by Emoji and More

Support Conditional Trigger by Emoji 🐥 #slack

Looking for a simpler way to interact with PlugBear? Say hello to our emoji-trigger! 🎉 Now, with just an emoji, you can invoke PlugBear to respond to individual messages within your conversations. This means that PlugBear will act based on the specific message you've marked with an emoji. Here's a simple use case where a customer support agent swiftly gets assistance on a customer query with a simple emoji.

Trigger by Emoji Sample

Other Changes

  • Enhanced Messaging for Slack: We’ve improved how long messages are handled in Slack. Now, if a message from LLM is too lengthy, you'll see a "See more" button to expand the content fully. No more cut-offs!
  • Slack Attachment Handling: With the recent introduction of thread-level file upload and knowledge retrieval, we've now stabilized file handling and ironed out the edge cases. It’s still early days for this feature, so we welcome all your feedback to make it even better.

Update on Microsoft Teams Integration

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the integration with Microsoft Teams. We appreciate your patience! We’re working closely with Microsoft and just waiting on the final nod from them, so stay tuned!

Attachments, Conditional Triggers, and More!

PlugBear launches Conditional Triggers, Attachments Support, and new use cases.

Attachments Support in PlugBear #slack 🎉

PlugBear now allows the processing of uploaded files. Easily upload documents in PDF, docx, or plain text formats and interact with your LLM apps to analyze the content. Ask your LLM apps to process and respond to queries related to the uploaded files.

Slack Attachment Sample

Use Case: Document Review Bot

Reviewing documents to extract crucial information can be a daunting task, requiring significant time and effort. Visit Document Review Bot to learn more about how to build the LLM application.

Conditional Triggers for LLM Apps #slack

Your LLM apps can now be set to interact with messages based on defined conditions, not just when @PlugBear is mentioned. This enables a more natural experience in chats where the LLM apps can provide input whenever a message contains a specific keyword.

For example:

  • When a message contains "error reported," the app can explain the error and suggest a solution.
  • When a message contains "new customer," the app can respond with the customer information.

More Upcoming Trigger Conditions

We are diversifying trigger conditions to support a wider range of use cases. Soon, you will be able to call the app under a variety of conditions as follows:

  • Emoji-based trigger: Attach an emoji to a message to trigger the app.
  • Scheduled trigger: Schedule the app to run at a specific time.

Thread Auto-Reply and Enhanced Reliability

Today, we're thrilled to unveil the first in our series of advanced chat triggers. With these new features, we aim to empower you to create even more innovative and efficient workflows.

Thread Auto-Reply

Introducing the Thread Auto-Reply trigger, designed to streamline your conversational experience effortlessly. Engage with your selected LLM App in a thread as you would with ChatGPT, without needing to mention @PlugBear. This feature can be set per app connection, paving the way for smoother interactions.

Thread Auto-Reply

Stay tuned for upcoming automatic trigger conditions, including emoji (😄) reaction triggers and responses triggered by predefined criteria such as keywords or user mentions.

Other changes

We've resolved an issue where chats could intermittently become unresponsive due to connectivity problems between PlugBear and the OpenAI Assistants API, which sometimes led to hangs in the request. This fix significantly enhances the reliability of chat responses.

Upcoming Use Cases

We are developing features to support more use cases, including:

  • Automatic Translator: It will translate every message in a channel into other languages.
  • Daily Digest: It will summarize daily updates made the day before.

...and more! Stay tuned.

Web Browsing, SOC 2 Compliance, and More

Last Limited-Time Offer 🎁

It’s my bad. Last week, we didn’t share that the offer ends today.

Since the launch of PlugBear this month, we have received an overwhelming number of subscriptions from users. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you!

As a token of our gratitude, we have decided to extend the limited-time offer for one more week. Make sure not to miss this opportunity! The offer will remain valid until next Wednesday.

Web Browsing (beta)

Your OpenAI Assistant can now browse the web! 🔍🌐 We are thrilled to announce that your OpenAI Assistants have the ability to access a web browser, allowing them to utilize vast amounts of information. With this new capability, you can create even more advanced Assistants, like the Sales Copy Generator, which can leverage prospects' online search results. Check out Web Browsing for more details.

Sales Copy Generator

Use Case: Sales Copy Generator

Enhance your outreach with a customized sales copy generator. Personalized messages grab attention, but writing each one is slow. With OpenAI and PlugBear, you can create your Sales Copy Generator in under an hour.

PlugBear Initiates SOC2 Compliance with Vanta 🔒

PlugBear is proud to announce the start of our journey to SOC2 compliance, partnering with the security and compliance leader, Vanta. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy for our users. Stay tuned for updates as we reinforce our promise to deliver a secure and trustworthy platform. Check our Trust Center to learn more!

Better User Experience, Q&A Bot Guide, and More

Loading Indicators

Loading Indicators

PlugBear now sends a status message right after accepting your requests. This update provides continuous status updates to keep you informed about the operational status of the app or any retry efforts.

Editing Connections

Finally, you can now edit connections! We have made connections editable before adding more controls. Enjoy the ability to create and edit connections between channels and LLM apps.

Use Case: A Q&A Bot (Using Notion)

Q&A Bot Example

We have outlined the process of creating your Q&A bot using Notion pages. Additionally, you can create and import the Q&A bot using OpenAI GPTs. Take a look at the Building a Q&A Bot guide to build custom Q&A bots tailored to your specific requirements.

More Upcoming Channels

Microsoft Teams integration is coming soon! (We are waiting for Microsoft's review.)

In addition, we are prioritizing services to support integration. Please take a moment to complete our 1-minute survey to help us prioritize the most critical services for shipping!

Enhanced Slack Slash Command & Focus on Security

Slash Command to call your app

Slash Command Ask

Elevate your Slack experience! The new slash command /plugbear ask YOUR QUESTION simplifies interactions with the LLM app—making it fast, straightforward, and efficient.

Commitment to Security

Our dedication to robust security is unwavering. Currently undergoing SOC2 Type 2 compliance auditing, we are committed to ensuring that our security infrastructure adheres to the highest industry standards.

Chat System Enhancements

We have upgraded our messaging system to provide a more efficient handling of chat requests. While we acknowledge that some users may have experienced temporary delays, we are dedicated to continuously improving the system for a seamless experience. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

Upcoming Microsoft Teams Integration

Exciting news! The integration with Microsoft Teams is on the horizon. Our application is in the review process, and we are anticipating approval shortly.

Don't miss our latest resource - the Building Q&A bot use case guide, offering insights on leveraging PlugBear for enhanced Q&A interactions in your organization.

OpenAI GPTs Integration, Private Channel Support, and More 🎉

PlugBear now supports OpenAI GPTs conversion, listing apps in channels, and connecting LLM apps to private Slack channels.

OpenAI GPTs Integration

Import GPTs

We have launched a new feature that allows users to import OpenAI GPTs and convert them into OpenAI Assistants. This enhances PlugBear's functionality by enabling integration with the latest OpenAI GPTs.

Private Channel Support

In response to user requests, PlugBear has expanded its capabilities to include support for private Slack channels. You can now connect your preferred LLM app to private channels, ensuring that sensitive conversations remain exclusive while still benefitting from PlugBear's chat-based tool integration.

Listing Connected Apps

Listing Connected Apps

Users can now easily manage their apps connected to channels on Slack with the new /plugbear list apps command. This command provides a quick overview of which apps are connected to which channels, streamlining channel app management.

Use Case: Thread Summarizer

Thread Summarizer

Have you ever felt tired of reading a long thread? Let AI summarize the conversation for you. You can build a Slack bot in just 5 minutes by following this guide: Building a Bot for Summarizing Threads.

The Official Launch of PlugBear 🎉

Happy New Year, PlugBear users! We are excited to announce the official launch of PlugBear!

PlugBear Docs

We have published a product documentation site that provides a usage guide and introduces use cases. Please refer to the documentation at

PlugBear Docs

Auto App Selection

Auto App Selection

Managing multiple apps and their Slack channels can be cumbersome. With the Auto App Selection option, you no longer need to assign specific channels to an app to avoid receiving multiple answers. Turn on this option and get the most relevant app's answer.

Retrying on Rate Limit

Retry on Rate Limit

We have seen you encountered error messages caused by OpenAI's rate limit. To address this, we will handle queueing and retrying requests automatically.


The PlugBear team has extensively discussed and decided on the best values and pricing options for our users. Today, we are finally publishing our pricing model, which will allow us to deliver more features and value continually.

You can find the supported features and pricing details on the Pricing page.

Early-Bird Discount 🎁

To show our appreciation for your support, we are offering a 50% discount until the end of January 2024. Claim your discount by upgrading your plan on the Billing page.

We cannot express our gratitude and love to you enough. We promise to continue delivering even more value to you.

Enhanced LLM Customization, Improved Error Logs

Enhanced Customization for LLM Apps

We've introduced a description field to LLM apps, which will become even more useful with our upcoming release. Additionally, you can now easily modify existing configurations after creation, simplifying the process of managing your apps.

Improved Error Log Accessibility

Error Log

Building on our invocation history page, we've increased the accessibility of error logs. When an LLM app-related error, such as an OpenAI rate limit issue, is detected, you'll be notified with a link to the invocation details directly in your Slack or Discord app.

Official Launch Countdown

With just one week to go until the official launch of PlugBear, we're gearing up to unveil new features and enhancements that will enhance your PlugBear experience.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're eagerly anticipating the new updates and features coming in 2024. Stay tuned for a more advanced PlugBear experience in the year ahead!

PlugBear Python SDK and more

PlugBear Python SDK Released

PlugBear Python SDK

We're pleased to introduce PlugBear Python SDK. This new addition simplifies the integration of custom LLM apps with PlugBear. Now, you can easily integrate your own AI toolkit, such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Gemini, and many others, into Slack or Discord.

Learn how to use the SDK in our guide: Integrate Your Custom LLM App with PlugBear.

Enhanced Troubleshooting with Invocation History

Invocation History

Understanding error messages from your PlugBear bot just got easier! We've introduced a feature that allows you to view your LLM app’s recent invocation history. Now, you can effectively troubleshoot error responses from LLM apps. Access this feature from the "Connections" detail page.

Other Changes

  • We've enhanced the stability of the Slack workspace installation process.

LangServe integration, Function Calling support in Discord & more

LangServe Integration

LangServe Integration

LangServe integration is now available on PlugBear. You can seamlessly connect your LangChain app, served by LangServe, to PlugBear, unlocking a host of new capabilities.

Discover more about this integration in our guide: Integrate Your Custom LangChain Apps with Slack through PlugBear.

Enhanced Slack Thread Context

PlugBear has improved its context awareness within Slack. It now tracks the entire conversation threads — not just the messages that directly mention PlugBear. This results in more relevant and coherent follow-up responses in ongoing discussions.

Other Changes

  • Discord integration now supports the calling of API functions, a feature previously exclusive to Slack.
  • We've resolved an issue with listing channels in Slack workspaces that have a large number of channels.

API function calling support, direct messages, and more

API Function Calling

PlugBear now supports calling API functions. This feature allows you to call API functions from your LLM app, enabling you to build more complex apps.

Function Calling Example

Learn more about this feature in the How to Call APIs using OpenAI Assistant guide.

Slack Direct Messages

You can ask PlugBear by sending a direct message to it. This is useful for asking questions privately.

Other Changes

  • Improved speed
  • Added a guide document on converting converting GPTs to Assistant

Discord integration support & more

PlugBear - Connect GPTs/Assistant to Slack and Discord | Product Hunt

PlugBear was launched on Product Hunt last Thursday and achieved #5 Dev Tool of the Week! 🎉 We sincerely appreciate your support and are thrilled to share our values with you.

Discord integration

New Discord Integration

Responding to numerous requests, PlugBear now offers integration with Discord. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations, especially open-source projects, allowing them to incorporate LLM apps into their community. We are excited to support the open-source community through this integration!

#channel selection

You now have the option to select specific channels on Slack and Discord for your LLM app. This flexibility facilitates the use of various apps within a single organization. For instance, you can assign an onboarding Q&A chatbot to the #people-team channel while a data catalog bot operates in the #data-team channel.

We hope you enjoy the versatility of using multiple LLM apps in your workspace 😄