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Custom AI for Your Consulting Clients

Create custom AI bots in Slack/Teams/HubSpot for each consulting client, without any coding

Snow LeeSnow Lee

Supporting consulting clients requires lots of work, such as reviewing a lot of documents. Have you considered using custom AI (or GPTs) to assist your team? How about obtaining an answer to client-related questions instantly rather than asking colleagues?

Don’t worry! You can get what you want in a day, without any coding.

Policy Reviewer

How to Do It

High-level concept:

  • OpenAI has launched custom GPTs and Assistant APIs, allowing you to create custom AI without any coding.
  • PlugBear assists you in utilizing AI within your tools, including Slack, Teams, Zendesk, and HubSpot.

Simple steps:

  1. Create an OpenAI Assistant (or custom GPT) with simple instructions and knowledge files.
  2. Connect your tools (e.g., Slack) to PlugBear.
  3. Set up preferences to design workflow. (e.g., Use “Policy Reviewer for Client Acme” in “#client-acme” channel)

So simple, isn’t it? Please visit this link to find a more detailed guide.

How it Works

Try It Now

Book a demo or visit plugbear.io and make your AI idea live, today!