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Custom AI for Customer Research

Create custom AI bots in Slack/Teams/HubSpot for customer research.

Snow LeeSnow Lee

For B2B companies, inbound leads are gold. However, thoroughly researching each prospect's business, needs, and key stakeholders is incredibly time-consuming.

AI is the solution to streamline inbound lead research and qualification.

How it Works

You can customize the workflow. AI will conduct research on the prospect and provide a summary accordingly.

For instance, you can utilize the AI feature in the following scenarios:

  • When you receive inquiries through HubSpot
  • When a user requests it via Slack, e.g., @PlugBear research Acme, Inc.
  • When a new user registers

And many more situations!

How to Create It

  1. Create an AI that works for you using your favorite tools, such as OpenAI or Anthropic Claude. Don’t worry. PlugBear helps you create one in 10 minutes without any coding.
  2. Connect your AI assistant to tools like Slack or HubSpot via PlugBear's no-code integration.
  3. Let your AI comprehensively research and profile each inbound lead.

In minutes, your AI delivers prospect intelligence that would take hours manually. No more spreading your team thin or letting hot inbound leads go stale.

For more details, check out "Building a Customer Support Bot Using OpenAI Assistants" to learn how to create an AI assistant, and "HubSpot Integration" to learn how to connect it to HubSpot.

Or, you can just book a demo with me!

Stop sacrificing billable hours researching inbound leads the old way. Use AI to quickly qualify prospects and speed up your sales cycle.

Utilize AI-powered lead research to optimize your inbound marketing ROI and acquire clients more efficiently. Gain a competitive advantage by making the most of every inbound lead.

Try It Now

Book a demo or visit plugbear.io and make your AI idea live, today!